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2018 Paintball Summer Camp

Space is VERY Limited!

June 18 – 22, 2018
9:30PM to 4:00PM Daily

Want Your Kids Off the Computer & Socializing with REAL Humans?

Don’t let your kids drone like a zombie over iPads, cell phones, and video games all summer long!

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Want Your Kids Outside & Motivated to Stay Active this Summer?

Your kids need to get outside, breathe some fresh air, and soak up the sun this summer while having a blast!

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Paintball Summer Camp Agenda

This schedule is made to be FUN! It focuses on teaching kids safety & how to play paintball.

Our experienced paintball instructors will teach your kids how to get into strategic positions to control the paintball field and stay in games longer. This ideology helps form a new generation of smart players, as opposed to aggressive players. Each day will start off with stretching and short, quick exercises like a simple lap around the field, a small number of push-ups, and some jumping jacks. Once the warm-up is complete, the players will engage in paintball-focused drills and practice for the agenda of the day. Here is a brief overview of what will be covered throughout the week:


  • Gun Safety and Maintenance
  • Basic Gun Skills
  • Communication during Game-Play
  • Strong Focus on Rules & Safety Reinforcement


  • Learn how to Breakout
  • Maneuvering around Bunkers in Games
  • Ghosting, Edging, and Laning (Play Jargon)
  • Interacting with Teammates in Play


  • Learn to Run and Gun
  • How to Slide Safely into Bunkers
  • Spotting Lanes and Avoiding Lanes
  • How and When to Move Up the Field


  • Learning Gun Control
  • Shooting with Both Hands
  • How to Snap Shoot
  • Running, Gunning, and Sliding


  • Tournament Day!
  • Players Pick Teams
  • Prove and Show New Skills
  • Winning Team gets Prizes
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kids summer camp tampa

Beginner, Amateur, & Experienced Players WELCOME!

All necessary equipment & up to 3 Cases of Paintballs are provided during this summer camp. Additional paintballs will be available for purchase. Lunch is provided daily! You can purchase entry online below and fill out the registration form. Or you can fill out the registration form and pay later.

Camp Registration

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