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South Tampa Paintball Fields

Open 10AM – 5PM Saturday & Sunday

3378 S. 50th Street, Tampa, FL 33619




Check Out Our Five Paintball Courses


South Tampa Paintball offers a myriad of fields and scenario games for our guests to enjoy. Luscious green grass carpets the vast, spacious facility. Majestic live oak trees cast shadows that cool and protect you from the bright, warm Florida sun. Sturdy, wooden picnic tables pepper the spectator and staging areas for your to gear up or lounge around on. Shiny, metal stadium seating ensures exceptional viewing of player action on the paintball fields. The smiles, laughs, and friendliness of our staff are quite contagious and cause players, spectators, and visitors alike to share pleasant experiences with each other each and every weekend.

  • Fun, Family-Friendly Environment

family friendly paintball field


Florida Paintball Field


  • Conveniently Located Air Fill Stations

South Tampa Paintball Field Air Station


3 Speedball Fields


South Tampa Paintball prides itself on offering the best and highest-quality speedball fields for you and your guests to enjoy. Speedball is a type of competitive paintball that involves positioning vinyl bunkers into layouts for teams to practice and play tournaments on. STP Paintball Fields’ grass is maintained to the standard of golf course grass, ensuring divers and sliders have a plush landing pad during aggressive game-play.

Our 2016 NXL Bunkers are cleaned frequently and meticulously so pictures of you and your team look positively stunning. There is nothing more pleasing to a seasoned paintball player than casting dreamy eyes over an orchard of candy apple red bunkers laced with the glowing white crests of their beloved paintball brand logos.

  • Clean & Pristine Speedball Fields

paintball field


  • Talented and Competitive Player Base

Paintball Field Tampa



  • Beginner, Up-and-Coming Player Base


Tampa Paintball Field


Woodsball Field & Attack/Defend Fort


South Tampa Woods Paintball Field is extremely dynamic, featuring four bases and a center area РAll of which are themed from the popular Xbox game Halo: Combat Evolved level 343 Guilty Spark. We conduct multiple types of games and scenarios on these fields including elimination, capture the flag, V.I.P., base capture, and any other creative ideas the staff or players dream up in their minds.


  • Incredible 5-Base Woods Course

Tampa Woods Paintball Field


woodsball tampa paintball field


tampa woods paintball field



paintball field

Map of Wood Paintball Field

paintball field tampa


  • Attack/Defend Fort